Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Kim Kardashian's Fall Styles/Looks I Adore"

Which look/style would u rock??

 Luv it...
The hat is soo pretty

Pretty, perfect for a date on a cool night

cute and chic

scarfs are also a big thing w/gold watches

Jacket is too fetch

I luv Red Lips in the fall!

Shoes are amazing

I love jean jackets in the fall w/chain purses!

Layering is so in for the fall

I love blk


  1. everybody can rock the little black dress, such a timeless classic! but i have to say i do love the third look, the one with the black skirt that youve said would be perfect for a date on a cool night.cute post!


  2. Yes that's very cute, I will be testing out all these looks when Fall hits, Can't wait! I have to try an do an outfit post daily!